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Bateman Buzz Meter

Bateman Buzz Meter, Debut Edition, July 2009. Continue reading

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Bateman Group speaks out on information overload

For those of us in PR, it’s our job to keep on top of not only the news, but the conversations most relevant to our clients – whether they happen in the New York Times or the “back alleys” of … Continue reading

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Finally Putting “The Article” to Bed

The heated debate sparked by Claire Cain Miller’s NYT article on the Evolution of PR in Silicon Valley has one week later cooled off considerably. Referred to in PR circles simply as “The Article”, Cain Miller’s piece really hit a collective nerve throughout the entire profession ― and the subsequent histrionics and grandstanding were something to behold. This was one of those rare occurrences where everyone felt compelled to take sides. Either you were with Brooke Hammerling, defending both the woman and her “relationships are everything” style of PR, or you were against her.. and with Ms. Cain Miller by default, a difficult position given her not-so-hidden agenda to set Hammerling up for maximum vapidity.
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