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Inaugural WeOwnTV Workshop Underway in Sierra Leone

WeOwnTV’s co-creators Banker White and Zach Niles have been hunkered down just outside of Freetown for nearly two weeks, instructing a group of young Sierra Leonean ex-combatants in film production, storytelling and social media – arming them with the skills and tools to share their powerful stories with the world. Here’s an update from the field… Continue reading

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To Embargo or Not to Embargo?

Last week, the Wall Street Journal announced a rare change to its editorial policies. Moving forward, the newspaper will no longer honor news embargoes. The only exceptions are exclusives or if the news is simply too big to be ignored. This became a catalyst for lively discussion among my colleagues about the changing media landscape and how we should adjust our media strategies to maintain client results. Continue reading

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PR or Advertising: Who Should Be Managing your Sponsored Conversations?

In 2009, marketers, PR professionals, industry analysts, media and bloggers have debated ad nauseum over whether or not engaging in sponsored online conversations represents a legitimate, ethical form of new media marketing. The latest general consensus is yes, it’s legit, if managed the right way. But who’s most qualified to be managing your sponsored conversations? PR or advertising? Bill Bourdon makes the case for PR on Bateman Banter. Continue reading

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