June Issue: Future of Media Round Up

The Future of Media Round Up features the top articles and blogs curated by The Bateman Group each month on issues and events related to the convergence of technology, media and communications.

Here’s our take on the most disruptive news, commentary and insights about PR and media from the month of June. Please share links to other must-read articles in the comments below if you think we missed anything.

Links of the Month for June:

  • , The Wall Street Journal – News Corp. finally washed its hands of troubled social platform and entertainment site Myspace this month. As the Journal points out, the deal indicates how dramatically News Corp. has shifted its digital strategy in recent years, shedding previously acquired social networking sites to focus resources on creating digital components for existing publications.
  • , PC World – Google Plus made its much-anticipated debut, bringing with it a slew of potential changes for … well, just about everyone. As PC World cautions, Google Plus will ultimately create demand for content that’s stickier, relationships that are tighter, and social sharing that’s more relevant – a rule likely to apply to companies as much as the news media.
  • President Obama To Hold First Twitter Town Hall on July 6, Mashable – Given President Obama’s social media chops, this headline shouldn’t come as a complete surprise. What was interesting this month was the influx of politicians – and their parties – joining the social media soirée in a variety of new ways. As reporters gear up for the months of campaign coverage ahead, the way campaigns utilize social media as a communications tool is likely to affect the campaign trail in whole new ways this time ‘round.
  • Americans Regain Some Confidence in Newspapers, TV News, Gallup Blog – Gallup polls show that confidence in media among American adults has climbed a full five points in the past year. Good news for the industry, as many outlets still struggle to gain footing in the new media landscape. An equal backward stride in confidence among college students, however, may suggest more work ahead for media companies as they regain trust.
  • Will the NY Times Give David Pogue Another Pass on Ethics, Forbes – As was all the fuss last month, the ethics (and disclosure) controversy spilled into June as well-known writer David Pogue evolved his “playboy” reputation at the Times. This time, eyebrows rose over his advice-giving to PR flacks.

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