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Bateman Banter is the official blog of the Bateman Group, an award-winning integrated public relations and social media marketing firm based in San Francisco with offices in Brooklyn, N.Y. We chose the title “Banter” for more than just the pleasant sounding alliteration. By definition, banter means “to speak or address playfully or wittily” or “good-natured, witty and animated joking”. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the agency is an inability to take ourselves too seriously. Having a sense of humor is considered a company core value and the ability to laugh at oneself a pre-requisite for employment. High energy. Optimistic. Enthusiastic. A bit irreverent. A hint of sarcasm. It’s only natural our agency blog reflect the many faces of the Bateman Group. We encourage you to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and perspectives with us.


  1. Vincent Mazzaferro says:

    Dear Hiring Manager:

    The communications and public relations experience I have under multiple organizations, my knowledge of SEO/SEM and copywriting, and my absolute love of the digital and technological fields make me a good fit for any account executive type position you may have open now or in the near future.

    Beginning as the Communications/Events Intern at the non-profit Breathe California, I showcased my writing skills by drafting and dispatching press releases, PSAs, calendar listings, scripting/recording podcasts and writing copy for our newsletters and websites. I was in charge of contacting media outlets, reporters and corporations to sponsor and participate in our fundraising events. The Communications Director at Breathe California took a medical leave of absence near the end of my internship for four months, so I was kept on as Communications Director until his return.

    At the end of my internship I was hired as Communications Associate and have continued to perform the previous duties as well as additional tasks. I have increased our social media followers on Twitter and Facebook into the thousands. Developing solid relationships with constituents and similar organizations both in the United States and overseas was imperative to increasing participation in our fundraising events held throughout the year. I also acted as the Volunteer Coordinator for our events, managing 300+ volunteers for several events held throughout the year.

    After applying for and being rewarded a Google Grant we receive an AdWords account with a budget of $330 per day. With this I have been performing search engine optimization and creating ads for our events, programs and services. From January 2011 I have increased impressions of our sites by over 500,000 with a CTR of 1.7% on our ads. After being promoted to Special Events Manager I continue doing these tasks as well as writing grant application letters and performing outreach to secure corporate global sponsors.

    In addition to my work at Breathe I perform Communications Outreach/Public Relations for the film production company named MovingMonkey Productions. I contact university professors, librarians, independent film bloggers and civil rights organizations to market the film and create speaking opportunities for the producer. I also draft outreach letters, perform search engine optimization and act as the main researcher for potential business related to any form of film production through the company.

    I feel as if I would be a valuable addition to the Bateman team, and I would appreciate the chance to sned my resume, writing samples and further discuss how I can contribute to your organization. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for your consideration.


    Vincent Mazzaferro

  2. kenny says:

    What a excellent blog I will share this website with my facebook followers.


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